A smile that is natural & fresh gives you a youthful appearance. A smile gives you the confidence to let your inner beauty shine. Let us help you smile.


We bring an artistic eye to your teeth and use techniques for the latest cosmetic procedures to give you the contagious smile that you've always wanted.

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  • Porcelain Veneers

    Your beautiful smile shines with our favorite material -- porcelain -- sculpted into individual works of art by top ceramists.

  • Whitening & Bleaching

    Erase teeth stains and return your teeth to their natural unstained shades through the process of whitening or bleaching.

  • Implants & Crowns

    We restore a badly damaged tooth to it's original shape & strength with crowns. Missing a tooth? We use implants to fix that problem.

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Dr. David Geen explains cosmetic dentistry, veneers, implants, & whitening

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  • Veneers to Remove Gaps and Spaces Between Your Teeth


    I have a lot of spaces in between my teeth and I wasn’t sure what the options were in changing the way that looks. That’s a question that we get here a lot at Imagine Smile Design in New York. Dr. Geen gives us the lowdown on how veneers might address the issue of gaps […]

  • Some Options For Improving Your Smile


    What are your options for improving your smile? Dr. David Geen from Imagine Smile Design in Manhattan talks about some of the options for improving your smile. The most important thing in the beginning is we want to diagnose what exactly the patients who are coming to us are not happy about and what sort […]

  • What is a ceramist and why it’s important that you have the best?


    What is a ceramist and why are they important? Dr. David Geen from Imagine Smile Design in New York City talks about the ceramist and their role in the making your beautiful smile. When dental patients are having these restorations made, it’s a joint process of the doctor and the ceramist are working together. We […]