Why do teeth get yellow and what you can do about it.

We asked Dr. Geen, one of the founders at Imagine Smile Design in New York city, why teeth got yellow and what people could do about it. He gave us the lowdown on the latest dental practices and procedures for dealing with yellowing teeth.

A lot of our patients find that as the years have gone by their teeth have picked up the pigments from the daily foods and drinks that we have such as red wine, chocolate, coffee, tea, berries. People smoke cigarettes.

The easiest way to return the teeth to their vibrant and natural color is to use dental bleaching products. There are different ways of doing it. There are times when people are doing it in the office and there are times when they are doing it at home, but by doing this they can help return the lighter color to their teeth.

Once people have been bleaching their teeth and they are trying to maintain that some of the things that can help are making sure that you keep your mouth and teeth clean after eating the pigmented foods. If you’re drinking coffee it’s helpful to be able to brush after your drinking it. Brush your teeth, brush your tongue.

If you can use a straw that will help some of the drinks bypass your teeth.

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