What’s The Difference Between a Dental Crown, Veneer and Implant?

What’s the difference between a crown, a veneer and an implant? Dr. David Geen at Imagine Smile Design in New York City talks about three different types of tooth restorations.

We hear a lot of people talking about veneers and about crowns and implants, but they are different types of restorations and they’re meant for different types all situations that patients may have.

The crowns are sort of artificial teeth that can be used to repair damaged teeth that patients may have. Sometimes a patient has had a root canal or they have had really large fillings and some of the tooth has broken. The underlying part of the tooth where the root is is in good condition, but the outside of the tooth is not, so a crown is a way of bringing back the shape and the appearance and the strength to a natural tooth.

Veneers are similar to crowns in that they return some strength and the natural appearance to teeth. It’s a more conservative type of restoration when a patient doesn’t have very [badly 01:11] damaged underlying tooth and they’re really just trying to make some sort of a change in the way that the tooth looks. The veneer is giving you sort of the outer part, the part that we see of a crown but leaving the tooth alone and fully intact on the inside of the patient’s mouth, so we’re not changing really the tooth very much with a veneer.

An implant is used when a patient has had a tooth that is missing in an area where they don’t have a tooth or if they have a tooth that was so badly damage it couldn’t be repaired and it had to be removed. Then implant is a way to return a supporting structure to a part of the mouth that needs a tooth. Once that implant is placed we’re able to put a crown on top of it that will match the natural teeth around it or that will match other crowns and veneer that are nearby.

So these are three ways returning a mouth to have a stable and healthy smile. Patients have these procedures done all the time here at Imagine Smile Design and it’s really a lot of fun to see them get back the mouth that they had before there was a problem.

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