What options are there for my overlapping teeth?

What options are there for my overlapping teeth? That’s a question that we frequently get in Imagine Smile Design here. There are a couple of different ways of dealing with that. We like to evaluate the patient first, take a look at just how much the teeth are overlapping, and then make some decisions with the patient. The options usually include using restorative materials to make the teeth appear that they are straight and in the right position, and also using orthodontics to actually move the teeth and the bodily position of those teeth.

Sometimes, we’ll use a combination of both techniques. Sometimes, the patients will choose one option or another. But, the trick is to make sure that everything is sort of symmetrical and lined up in a certain way so that when the patient’s smiling, they’re really getting that beautiful smile and that fullness to their smile. So, depending on the degree of the overlapping, if the teeth are crooked, and where they’re positioned, we can use these different techniques to deliver that beautiful smile, and get people happy and smiling again.

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