What is the best fix for black triangles in between the teeth?

What is the best fix for black triangles in between the teeth? That’s a question that we hear a lot in Imagine Smile Design. If you find out when you’re smiling you’re noticing these little black triangles, these little dark spaces, in between your teeth closer to the gum line, that’s often a sign of some recession. Sometimes it’s also found in people who have certain types of shaped teeth. Sometimes people have a shape to their teeth that tapers a lot closer to the gum line and that gets very wide closer to the edges of their teeth. Those will be the ones where you see this little gap, this little space. It can be unsightly in photographs. Some people are self-conscious about it.

One of the things we are able to do is once we do the evaluation we can actually use some materials. It can be porcelain, it can be bonding, to correct that. We can correct the shape of those teeth and make it appear that they’re more linear and more full in their positioning so you don’t see these little gaps in between the teeth. It really can make a huge difference in the way people look.

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