What is a ceramist and why it’s important that you have the best?

What is a ceramist and why are they important? Dr. David Geen from Imagine Smile Design in New York City talks about the ceramist and their role in the making your beautiful smile.

When dental patients are having these restorations made, it’s a joint process of the doctor and the ceramist are working together. We are working in the patient’s mouth and communicating with the patient, and the ceramist is ultimately going to be the one who’s fabricating these beautiful little works of art, these porcelain restorations.

They’re really tiny works of art and the closer we look at them, the more we realize so much effort on time goes into making them. We try to be very careful about who we choose to make the restorations for our patients because we want it to be somebody who really has an understanding of the way natural teeth and beautiful teeth look and the people who have the skills to reproduce this beauty in the porcelain restorations.

That’s why a ceramist is so important to the outcome. Here at Imagine Smile Design, we work with the very top ceramists.

If you have any more questions and you’re in the area, please let us know and Dr. Geen would love to speak with you about finding the best ceramist for your smile.

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