What are Chicklet Teeth & How To Avoid Them When Getting Veneers

The last thing you want when getting veneers, is to blind the people who look at you. In this video, Dr. Geen explains what Chicklet teeth are and how he avoids the effect when applying veneers at his New York City practice.

What are Chicklet teeth? Generally a negative reference to restorations or teeth that maybe we’ve seen on someone else where they often may not be convincing us that they’re real. Sometimes people feel that they’re too bright white or too opaque or just don’t look natural. The art behind doing these smiles and doing these veneers is to make sure that you provide patients with a really beautiful and natural looking smile. The sort of smile that they wish that they had on their own, but to still make it convincing and make it look like their natural teeth.

That’s really where we try to spend a lot of extra time and attention. It’s a joint effort between us the doctors and our ceramists that we work with. There are a lot of nuances to it because we’re really trying to make sure that there’s just the right amount of translucency by the edges. We want the shapes and contours to be just right, even the glaze on the surface. There are a lot of subtleties and it’s actually a lot of fun.

It’s something that we get to share with the patient and help. Sort of educate, we educate each other, the patients help us to understand what it is that they’re looking for and we try to help explain how we can deliver that to them.

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