Veneers to Remove Gaps and Spaces Between Your Teeth

I have a lot of spaces in between my teeth and I wasn’t sure what the options were in changing the way that looks. That’s a question that we get here a lot at Imagine Smile Design in New York. Dr. Geen gives us the lowdown on how veneers might address the issue of gaps and spaces between your teeth.

When patients have teeth that are spread out and there are spaces in between them, the decision has to be made whether or not we want to try to use orthodontics to bring the teeth together and close those spaces or whether we want to use some sort of restorative treatment to simply make the teeth a different dimension, a different width, and close the space that way. It’s a very individual sort of situation so we really want to take the time to look in the patient’s mouth, take photographs, and really discuss how we want to deal with that. A lot of it has to do with the proportions of the teeth. You don’t want to create a situation where the teeth have become very, very wide and it starts to make them look square or even sort of short and squat. You want to have teeth that have a certain dimension to them. When we’re trying to consider how to best address this, whether to do it restoratively or with orthodontics, we really want to take the time to make sure that it’s going to give the result that the patients are looking for and that are going to look beautiful for the patients.

When the teeth are going to be restored with veneers it’s a nice situation because generally you’re not really doing very much to the teeth at all. The spaces are already there. You’re just very subtly contouring the teeth a little bit, and of course the veneers are made to fit over. That’s something which people do a lot and you get a really exciting outcome from that because you can make a pretty dramatic difference in someone’s smile.

This is something that we have fun doing here in Imagine Smile Design. If you have any questions, if you’re in the NYC area, please let us know. I’m Dr. Geen looks forward to helping you.

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