Teeth Size – Three Things To Consider

Why is a smile attractive? How do teeth fill the smile? When does teeth size effect the speech? These are questions that aesthetic dentists like Dr. Geen think about a lot when considering the size of teeth when creating new veneers or performing gingival recontouring. Here Dr. Geen tells us three things to consider about teeth size.

The first thing that we like to look at when we talk about the size of teeth is certainly their length. We use what we call phonetics and aesthetics to make some sort of determination about what is the proper length for the incisors in the front of the mouth. It’s important that when you’re smiling and talking that the edges be in the right place, not just because they look good, but because you have to be able to phonate and pronounce words. That helps determines where the edges of the teeth at the bottom belong.
The other question becomes sort of where does the tooth end as you go up into the soft tissue? Another consideration is looking at the height of the gums, the gingiva, and trying to make some sort of determination about whether the tissue that’s being revealed in the smile is proper and providing the right proportions to the tooth. As the teeth start to cascade back we want to see the smile translate into sort of a series of teeth and that sort of gives fullness to the smile.

Dr. Geen takes an aestetic approach to veneers & gingival recontouring. If you are concerned about the size of your teeth and if you’re in the NYC area, consider calling Dr. Geen for consultation

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