Some Options For Improving Your Smile

What are your options for improving your smile? Dr. David Geen from Imagine Smile Design in Manhattan talks about some of the options for improving your smile.

The most important thing in the beginning is we want to diagnose what exactly the patients who are coming to us are not happy about and what sort of a change that they’re looking to make. We spend extra time in the beginning. We’ll spend time in our photography studio taking photographs from our patients and then we spend time looking at those photographs with our patients and really making some decisions about which direction we want to head.

I think the easiest thing that a lot of patients end up doing is bleaching their teeth, because very often we find the patients have teeth they’ve become darker over time and they want to get their teeth to a lighter color again. There are people who have chipped teeth. The edges of their incisors sometimes you see being a little bit fractured. Sometimes there are filling that they have that have become very obvious. There are some patients who will have restorative procedures done like bondings or veneers done to help with the damage on the teeth and to bring the tooth back to looking natural and beautiful again.

There are some patients who don’t have damage to their teeth but they just don’t like the shape of their teeth. These are also situations that lend themselves to using restorations to change the shape of the tooth and create that effect of having all these teeth lined up very nicely that are the shape the patient’s looking for. There are times when patients’ teeth are very, very crowded and they’re out of alignment, and they’re not happy with that look. In those cases we certainly want to at least consider whether or not orthodontics is something that’s going to benefit the patient. Sometimes that is all it takes to make a patient happy but there are times when we have to do a mixed sort of treatment where we’re doing orthodontics and some sort of restorative work. We are an office that does Invisalign here and we also work with New York’s top orthodontists. Those are options that we consider when it’s called for.

The final thing that sometimes becomes an issue for a patient and the way they see their own smile is their gingiva, which is the gums. There are some patients, they reveal a lot of pink tissue creating sort of a gummy smile when they smile and it makes them self-conscious of their appearance. There are different ways of managing that. Sometimes we’ll actually reshape the gums and just expose more of the tooth for the patient. This can be done in our office. There are times when periodontists are the ones who are doing the procedure, and we work with New York’s top periodontists here. Other times you will reshape the gums if you need to and then actually restore the teeth underneath them to make them look beautiful the way the patients are looking to get them.

These are the variety of options available to patients who are looking to make some sort of a change to their smile and to their teeth.

If you have any questions and find yourself in Manhattan, we would enjoy talking about these different procedures and how they relate to your smile. Give us a call if you’d like or fill out the form on this page to get started.

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