Should I get all my veneers at the same time?

One veneer, two veneers, three veneers or more? How many veneers should you get at the same time. In this video, Dr. Geen tells us how he likes to approach the topic of how many veneers you should get at once.

There are a lot of benefits to having veneers done at the same time. When we dentists are working on these cases, we’re working with a ceramist. The ceramist is custom making these little veneer restorations for our patients. They’re really little works of art. There are different translucencies that are being used, different colors, different brightness. They get glazed and little stains and pigments on them. It’s very important that they will match one another. When the ceramist is working on them, they end up firing them in little ovens and it’s really a custom made work of art.

The benefit to having things done simultaneously is that they will end up exactly matching and blending in beautifully together. When it’s not possible to do things all at the same time, we try to strategically stage things. So that we might have a series of the front teeth being done at the same time, then dealing with some of the back teeth at a later date, but also at the same time. In that sort of way you can make it appear that they all were done at the same time and ensure that everything matches beautifully.

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