Picking The Best Shade of Veneers for Your Smile

Picking the right shade of veneer for your smile isn’t as simple as it sounds. Many people think the whiter the better but this is not true. In this video, Dr. Geen tells you how he and his patients discover the perfect shade veneers at his New York City cosmetic dental practice.

Many people who want to have veneers done look at a guide of all the different colors that are available. They want to pick the lightest one. Generally speaking we try to go a different route. We really like to have patients bleach their teeth first. Even though it may be the case that they’re going to have veneers covering the natural enamel, we do like to have patients bleach in advance; because that allows the patients to really see what shade that their really comfortable with and what looks good on them.

We’ll have patients go as light as they want to go in their bleaching, or close to it. When they feel like they are really happy with the color of the teeth it’s much better to at that point determine the shade that the veneers can be. Have them fabricated in a predictable sort of way so that the patient knows exactly what they’re going to end up with.

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