Is there any way to get a bigger smile?

Is there any way to get a bigger smile? That’s one of the questions that some of our patients sometimes ask. A lot of times, you’ll find a patient who, when they’re smiling, there’s more of a dominance in the front of their mouth. You see their front teeth, but you don’t really see so much of the fullness in their smile.

One of the things that we evaluate with our photo shoot is to make sure that we’re really seeing enough of their teeth in the back of their mouth so there’s some sort of a balance. One of the things that can be used to make the teeth in the back of the mouth a little bit more balanced with the front is we can move the position of the teeth out a little bit. That can be done with orthodontics. That can be done with porcelain veneers. It can be done with crowns or bonding.

One of the other things we want to see is if the front teeth sometimes appear, the two central incisors can be a little bit too dominant, too large. Sometimes you’ll see the balance is off, and the lateral incisors are almost a little bit too small in comparison. Again, we evaluate that on the computer and using software, and we do it visually with the photographs and the patient there.

Then we’re able to design a smile that’s a little bit better balanced so we can correct the proportions of the teeth so that they’re more in sync with one another and everything works. They get that big beautiful smile that seems very lifelike and natural.

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