How You Communicate With Your Cosmetic Dentist?

Does it seem like your dentist is speaking another language? Maybe it’s all the schooling. Maybe it’s because they think about teeth all the time. In this video, Dr. Geen tells us how he likes to communicate with his patients and the best way for you to talk to your dentist.

We find here that these photographs is a really viable tool to help us in the patient see eye-to-eye on what it is that they’re concerned about and what we can do to address some of these concerns. There are times when patients bring photographs of themselves but what we actually prefer to do here is bring it back to our photography studio on the back. We’ll take a series of photographs of your mouth, some of them just be smiling in different directions. Then we actually get to sit down with you and evaluate these photographs together.

It’s very important for us to hear how you as the patient see the smile and what it is that have brought you to our office so that we can make some improvement for you. Then we will point out any areas that we think could be improved and often we end up seeing eye-to-eye on these different matters. These are things that we get to do all the time and we see every day so it’s certainly

nothing people should feel uncomfortable about. It’s actually a very fun process because you get to think about how things could be different.

Another process that we’ll sometimes use is a smile preview and that’s an intraoral markup where we actually sit the patient down. You don’t have to be numb. Nothing’s being done to your teeth. We’re just laying a little bit of material over the surfaces of the teeth to get some idea as to how we might want to change the smile and the proportions of the mouth, the teeth within them. We will do this for a few minutes, take a few photographs of the patient and you actually get to right there and then see how the smile could be improved.

That’s something we treat you in certain cases. It tends to lend itself to certain types of situations or deficiencies in the smile and it’s a lot of fun.

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