What to do to your teeth before a wedding

Cosmetic Teeth Care for your Wedding – whitening, filling removal & veneers

Dr. Geen, one of the founders at Imagine Smile Design in New York city, tells us what are people doing before they get married to help with the appearance of their teeth and their smile.

The most common thing that people are doing before they get married is bleaching their teeth. A lot of people find that as the years have gone by, their teeth have gotten darker in color and picked up the stain and the pigments from coffees and teas, red wines those sorts of things.

With a little bit of planning people can come in and have their teeth whitened and it makes for a much more vibrant smile and they certainly look lovely in their photographs and the wedding album.

Once people start going a little bit beyond that, we do find there are some people who are not happy with their appearance of some of their older fillings that might me in their mouth, that might be very dark and that they become a little self conscious of when they’re talking or smiling. There are some people that have older restorations that they are interested in replacing so that it appears that like they don’t have any fillings at all.

The final thing for certain people who have shapes of their teeth that they’re not entirely happy with or perhaps some damage to the teeth. A lot of times if they’ve had fillings on their front teeth and they become visible over time, we do have people who want to have veneers done on their front teeth. That’s a way of really creating some sort of more dramatic change and giving people the smile that they’ve always wanted but they weren’t born with.

These are the type of things they deal with every day at Imagine Smile Design. If you’re in the New York area, Dr. David Geen is happy to meet with you to discuss your teeth.

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