Bleaching Teeth – Internal Bleaching vs External Bleaching

What’s the difference between internal teeth bleaching and external teeth bleaching? That’s what we asked Dr. Geen and he told us the difference and when each method is used.

What’s the difference between bleaching and internal bleaching? I think many people are familiar with bleaching. Bleaching is a process where you’re using various materials. Very often, you’re wearing products at nighttime that you might sleep in. You’re removing the accumulated stains that have built up on your teeth from coffee and tea, berries, red wine, chocolates, those sort of things.

Bleaching teeth is used to remove the stain that’s coming from the outside of your teeth. It works from the outside of your teeth in the same direction. When people talk about internal bleaching, that’s a little bit different. Some of us maybe have seen, if not on ourselves, a friend or a family member may have one tooth very often on the front of the mouth that’s very, very dark.

That’s often the result of some sort of trauma when someone was younger. Sometimes, the tooth has had a root canal. A lot of times, you’re seeing that one tooth significantly darker than all the surrounding teeth because the stain has come from the inside of the tooth.

It actually is the breakdown products of blood and some of the material that was inside the tooth when the tooth was damaged. In that case, just like the other type of bleaching, you really want to address the stain from the direction where the stain came from.

In those cases, if a root canal was done, we’ll remove the filling that gives access to the root canal and you actually bleach the tooth from the inside. The patients will wear a little bit of bleach inside the tooth for often a week and sometimes will change it and do the second time.

If the tooth has not had a root canal, the patient has to make some sort of decision about whether or not they want to have a root canal procedure done. That will allow the doctor to do this internal bleaching. Those are usually pretty magical procedures because when you actually see what’s going on, those teeth go from being really, really dark and noticeable to sort of fitting in with the rest of the smile. For patients, it’s a lot of fun. We tend to get really enthusiastic patients during those procedures.

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