Bleaching Teeth Back to Normal or Light Color

Can all discolored teeth be bleached back to a normal and light color? Dr. David Geen from Imagine Smile Design in New York City talks about whether it’s possible to take all dark teeth and bleach them to a point exactly where you want them to be.

The stains that we see on people’s teeth vary. A lot of times if we see a patient that has a very sort of equally spread out stain where there’s a lot of yellow and darkening of the teeth from coffees and teas, red wines, berries, those are actually pigments in the teeth that can be bleached very effectively.

Many times we find that after the patient’s done bleaching they gotten to some sort of point that they’re really happy and return to having the light teeth that they formally had and that they want to be at.

There are times when people have dark teeth because there’s a structural irregularity in the way the tooth is sort of put together, those are sometimes result of patients who had medications when they were younger and the teeth are developing and it altered the way the teeth formed. Those are situations where we often find that bleaching just doesn’t get the results that we’re looking for.

It’s not a matter of removing stain that’s sort of seeped into the tooth over the years but it’s really the tooth that is physically different and that’s something that will need to be covered up restoratively because bleaching is not going to remove that pigment.

Helping teeth become white is something we really enjoy doing here at Imagine Smile Design. Next time you’re in New York City, make an appointment to speak with Dr. David Geen or fill out the form on this page to request an initial consultation right now.

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