Smile Makeover

When we look at a smile, it is an assemblage of various qualities that we are viewing as a whole. Factors such as color, shape, texture, translucency, and position of the teeth as well as symmetry and position of the gingiva (gums) can all have a major impact on the appearance of a smile.

Before & After Smile Makeover

Before & After Smile Makeover

To start with, photographs are taken in our studio and then evaluated by both the patient and doctor. Often a patient will point out areas that concern them and attributes of the smile, which potentially can be improved, will be identified. An emphasis is placed on the smile and how it fits the patient. Ultimately it is the lips that are framing the smile, and consideration to the teeth and how they fit within the lips, and how this then fits the face is critical.

Once it is decided that specific improvements and changes are desired, there are a variety of materials and techniques that can be used to implement changes. The information acquired from clinical examination of the patient, models, radiographs and photographs are all considered and a course of treatment is selected with the patient. At this point treatment planning is complete and the patient can proceed with treatment.

This process allows us to custom tailor treatment to the needs of the individual. As treatment proceeds, the patient gets to try out temporary restorations in the shape of the desired end product. This provides an opportunity to see how they look and feel, and to make any modifications to the design, before the final restorations are fabricated.