Cleaning & Exams

Dr. Geen doing an exam on a patient at Imagine Smile Design

Dr. Geen doing a cleaning and exam on patient at Imagine Smile Design

Whether you live in Gramercy and are walking over, or are commuting in from overseas, we love helping you take care of your mouth. Some of our patients are simply looking to maintain their healthy mouths, while others know of problems they want to have fixed. Our team of dental healthcare professionals are committed to tailoring personal care to your individual needs. We take pride in our thorough cleanings and our precise restorations, all delivered with a gentle touch and a smile. Let us know how we can help you.

The two most important steps in keeping your mouth healthy are maintaining good homecare and being seen routinely for professional teeth cleanings and oral examinations. We proudly remain active in both of these components. By reviewing techniques, the use of any products and providing helpful tips that can be implemented at home, we are able to assist our patients with their homecare habits and routines. This becomes the foundation for our patient’s preventative dentistry.

Professional dental cleanings in our office allow us to monitor the progress of our patients and track their periodontal health. In addition to returning the teeth to their clean and healthy state, we are able to thoroughly examine their condition as well as the health of the soft tissue in the mouth. Digital radiography is used to visualize areas between the teeth that cannot be seen clinically. Any restorative needs can then be identified and addressed as necessary.